"One of the great fears, among a life of great fears—perhaps the last great fear—is the fear of being no longer useful. We find a role in life, and we do that role to the best of our ability, as long as that ability is there. But all of us, even me, dear listeners, will someday hit a point where we no longer are able to do that thing that we define ourselves by doing. And more than the fear of injury, more than the fear of death, this is the fear that looms: the loss of self. The self that is the self we imagined we were our whole lives. But we were never that self, not really. We were only a series of selves, living one role and then leaving it for another. And all the time convincing ourselves that there was no change, that we were always the same person, living the same life: one arc to a finish, not the stutter-stop improvisation that is our actual lives. Worry less about the person you once were, or the person you dream you someday will be. Worry about the person you are now. Or, don’t even worry: just be that person. Be the best version of that person you can be."
- Welcome to Night Vale, Episode 52: The Retirement of Pamela Winchell

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A lace cape worn by Norma Shearer as the title character in her Academy Award nominated role in Marie Antoinette (MGM, 1938). The lace has a floral and foliate pattern and is embellished with hand sewn artificial pearls and scattered celluloid sequins of varying sizes with scalloped edges. The cape is worn by the newlywed Marie Antoinette during the ceremonial blessing of the bed. Costume design by Adrian.
Center Back length, 75 inches; Bottom width, approximately 313 inche

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